We have set up an information portal for our customers to enable them to access information on the forthcoming changes to welfare benefits from April 2013.

There are many changes happening which could affect you, for example:


Bedroom Tax (Under-occupancy)

From April 2013 there are some changes to Housing Benefit payments that will affect customers who have more bedrooms than they need. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 has a set of rules to assess how many bedrooms each household needs – it’s called the bedroom standard. You will only be able to claim Housing Benefit for the number of bedrooms that the Department for Work & Pensions says that you need for your household. If you have 1 or more bedrooms than you need, your Housing Benefit entitlement will be reduced by 14% for one room and by 25% for 2 or more bedrooms.


Household Benefit Cap

The Welfare Reform Act gives the Government the power to cap the total amount of benefit which a single person or couple is entitled to. The cap will be introduced in April 2013.


Universal Credit

Universal Credit starts is ONLY for new claimants from October 2013, and replaces a number of income benefits and Housing Benefit with one single monthly payment.

  • Find out more information on the Universal Credit.
  • Visit the DWO calculator to get an estimate of how much your Housing Benefit could be reduced by if you exceed the level of the benefit cap.
  • Want to know how much you will recieve under Universal Credit? Please visit the Universal Credit Calculator.


How can I access further Welfare Benefits?

You could be entitled to a range of welfare benefits, or you could be missing out on further benefits which you could be entitled too!, Find out what you could be possibly entitled too.


Where can I seek support or advice?

If you are worried about how these changes may affect you, please speak to your support worker or contact a member of staff within the Tenancy Support Department.