What is a transfer?

A transfer is a move to another home owned by Trident.


How do I apply for a transfer?

You need to contact a member of the Tenancy Support Team to request for a transfer pack, if you wish to arrange for a home visit, a member of the Tenancy Support Team can visit you at you home and discuss your options and support you to complete any necessary forms.


What is the criteria?

Anyone can register for a transfer as long as they:

  • Have been living in their current address for more than 12 months;
  • Have a clear rent account;
  • Have not caused any noise nuisance or anti social behaviour;
  • Have kept their property in good condition.

What banding does my transfer application go into?

All transfer applications go into the same banding as a housing application.

All transfer applications are assessed on housing need and will be registered in the relevant band.


What happens once I have applied for a transfer?

On receipt of your application, providing you have met the above criteria, we will:

  • Check your transfer application and ensure it has been fully completed and carry out the necessary tenancy checks.
  • Place your application in the appropriate banding and onto the waiting lists;
  • Notify you in writing that your application has been accepted;
  • Notify you again in writing that your application has been refused, giving the reasons why;
  • please remember that a lengthy waiting time can apply dependent on the type of property and area you are wishing to move to.


What happens if I need to move urgently?

You may be considered for a priority/urgent move if there are reasons making it difficult for you to continue residing in your current home.

Each customer has the right to peacefully enjoy occupying their home. If for any reason you are experiencing issues of an anti-social behaviour nature then contact our Anti-social behaviour officer or your Tenancy Support Team for more advice.