Choice Based Lettings Schemes (CBL)

Below is a list of Choice based letting schemes which Trident Housing actively participate in: This is a new way of allocating a property to customers.

Every week local councils and housing associations advertise their available properties. This can be done either through local newspapers, newsletters or on a website. Applicants are given the opportunity to apply (bid) for properties which are suitable for their needs. You have to register with the scheme and you are given a level of housing need. The applicant with the highest priority under the scheme becomes the successful bidder. The new schemes mean that you have a choice about the property you want to live in and how quickly you are housed.


For further information please click on the links below:

  • South Derbyshire (Derbyshire)

  • Sandwell Homes (Sandwell)

  • Birmingham Home Choice (Birmingham)

  • Wolverhampton Homes (Wolverhampton)

  • UChoose (Lichfield district, East Staffordshire, Cannock Chase district, Tamworth borough, South Staffordshire district, North Warwickshire and Nuneaton and Bedworth.)

  • Solihull Home Options (Solihull)

  • Redditch Homes (Redditch)

  • Shropshire Home Point (Shropshire)