I am a Council Tenant can I register with Trident Housing?

Yes you can register with Trident, however there may be certain criteria that are applicable to your application. Please contact Tenancy Support Team for further information or to arrange for a assessment.

I hear the term ‘Choice Based Lettings’, what are these?

This is a new way of allocating a property to customers. Every week local councils and housing associations advertise their available properties. This can be done either through local newspapers, newsletters or on a website. Applicants are given the opportunity to apply (bid) for properties which are suitable for their needs.

You have to register with the scheme and you are given a level of housing need. The applicant with the highest priority under the scheme becomes the successful bidder. The new schemes mean that you have a choice about the property you want to live in and how quickly you are housed.


What is a Nomination?

A nomination is a property that we have let through the council waiting list. The applicants details are forwarded to us by the council (called a nomination).

The same process is applied in making a provisional offer of accommodation. The nomination has the right to refuse the property for any reason. However the nomination is then referred back to the council giving details of why the offer of accommodation was refused.

Trident has nomination agreements in place with local councils and must offer approximately 60-100% of our available stock to them.


What is a Void Property?

A ‘void’ is the term used to describe an empty property. This can be where a tenant has left the property and the Housing Options and Advice Team is in the process of finding the next suitable applicant to move in.

A Re-Let is the term used to describe the property no longer being void.


Do I get to view the property I am being offered?

Yes, Tenancy Support Team offer accompanied viewings. If for any reason the property viewed is not suitable, you have the opportunity to refuse this offer and request that the area be removed from your choice. However, you will remain on the waiting list for your other chosen areas.


Does my property have any furniture?

The majority of our homes are let unfurnished. There are a small number of properties with basic furnishings for example, young person’s accommodation or older persons supported accommodation. You will be notified at the viewing and when you sign for your tenancy of any furnishings provided with the property and any associated costs.

We work closely with a number of furniture projects in the West Midlands and we will provide you with enough information about these projects at sign up.