Ending your tenancy

To end your tenancy please contact us for a ‘Notice to End Tenancy form’ (NTV) which must be completed and returned in order for us to process your request.


What do I do if I want to leave a Trident Property?

You can leave a property, but you would need to give four weeks written notice that you are leaving.


How can I return my keys?

You can return your keys by calling into our main office and handing them into reception. You can post them to our main office ensuring you give details of your name address and a forwarding address and telephone number.


What happens if my rent account is in credit when I leave?

As long as you have provided your forwarding address, Trident will end your tenancy on the agreed date and forward your credit to your new address.

What happens if my rent account is in arrears when I leave?

You will be encouraged to make an arrangement to clear any outstanding arrears. If no arrangement to repay the arrears is made, then your details will be forwarded to a debt collection agency, who will collect the arrears on behalf of Trident.

What happens to my belongings left in the property?

You must ensure that you remove all your personal belongings and rubbish from your property before you leave.

You may be recharged for the removal costs incurred by Trident to remove any belongings and rubbish left.

All belongings left in properties will be disposed of.



A notice always starts from a Monday.

You may be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to carry out a pre inspection of your property.


NOTE: If you leave any belonging behind in your property we will re-charge any costs we have incurred.


NOTE: if you fail to clear your rent account before your tenancy ends we will forward your details to a debt collection agency which could damage your credit history.