Mental Health Services

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1 in 4 people will be affected by mental health in a year and mental health can affect any person at any time.


Trident Reach the People Charity deliver services to people within our services or in the community who may have multiple areas of support needs including mental health. Trident Reach have invested in training for staff that enables our staff to work effectively with people who have mental health to help people work through different and potentially difficult stages of their lives. People that we work with in our services such as homeless, young people, domestic abuse and learning disabilities may have mental health as an additional support area.




We have home care and support in Birmingham, providing personal and social care to customers in their homes. We have a Community Development Worker to help support members of the Chinese community with mental ill health.



We offer a package of accommodation and support for vulnerable adults, tailored to meet their individual needs. We provide a safe environment where they can recover, develop and thrive. We support people who have a mental illness and are referred to us by their GP, social worker or mental health worker.


Support is available for adults over the age of 18 who are in need of housing related support. The accommodation is self-contained and there are staff on site 24 hours. During this time we will assist in their recovery process and support them to find activities that they would like to be involved with which can include work, training and education.



Across Shropshire we provide community mental health support to approximately 70 individuals in their own homes. Shropshire has a specialist service in Aspergers and Autism delivering support in the North of the county.

Oak Paddock is a crisis house in Shropshire, providing short-term intensive support for individuals experiencing psychological or emotional distress.

We also operate a specialist recovery house in Shropshire, providing six self-contained flats for individuals recovering from mental ill health.


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