Health and Wellbeing

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Health and wellbeing is a fundamental aspect of the work that Trident Reach the People Charity delivers. Trident Reach believes in promoting positive health and wellbeing for their customers and staff.


The Health and Wellbeing Team are involved in delivering grants such as the Sports England work in Birmingham as well as working flexibly on a one to one basis with customers around their wellbeing needs. Trident Reach strives to be a key provider and partner in delivering the health, wellbeing and prevention agenda.


The primary aim of the Health and Wellbeing Team is to raise the profile of Trident Reach the People Charity strategically within the health sector. The Head of Health and Wellbeing oversees the strategic work and the services are then delivered by the Health and Wellbeing Team, which, currently consists of 2 sports development workers and a wellbeing practitioner.


The Health and Wellbeing team look to:

  • Improve and promoting health and wellbeing, confidence, independence and reablement
  • Reduction of individuals reaching crisis point
  • Improve the feeling of safety and security
  • Promote social integration and reduce of social isolation
  • Act as a signposting agent to the community and support cohesion
  • Reduce utilisation of beds per night within the acute and mental health hospitals
  • Reduce missed or cancelled health appointments
  • Improve access to services
  • Improve quality of life through improving health and wellbeing of customers
  • Reduce A&E admittance
  • Reduce costs to the health service
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Improving community health
  • Work in partnership with agencies
  • Deliver innovative services to improve health
  • Involve in local strategic decision making
  • Deliver person centered integrated services