About Us

Our History

Trident Reach People Charity was part of Trident Housing Association which has been in existence for over 50 years providing housing and support to people in the Midlands. They now both form part of a group structure – Trident Social Investment Group.

Formerly a Care and Support Department with the housing association we identified early on that we could provide more opportunities for our customers as a separate entity. Following customer, staff and stakeholder consultation Trident Reach began trading as a charity in October 2009. This was a carefully planned move to further benefit customers by providing:

  • Clear separation from housing ensuring that care and support services are not linked to accommodation and services can be delivered regardless of where individuals live;
  • A new governance and regulatory approach that will ensure services are delivered in a modern way to respond to our customers and to new Government agendas.
  • Our work will be governed by a Care and Support specific Board of Trustees with an emphasis on ensuring that we have bespoke policies and process which best meet our needs and those of our customers and regulators.
  • As a charity we are now able to access new (non traditional) funding streams in order to add value to our existing services through new initiatives and ventures.
  • Being a charity will, over time, change the culture of the company where the focus is purely on our customers ensuring that services are delivered in a way that our customers need and want.